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About Masterclass Optometry

What is Masterclass Optometry? Very often we get this question.

Masterclass Optometry is a dream.. it’s a passion that drives both of us. It’s a restless discontent that doesn’t allow us to take it easy. It’s a responsibility that we feel towards our profession.. a profession that has given us so much to cherish and has given so many people the gift of “sight”.

Each moment we think of how we can offer help and necessary tools to our eye-care community so that they can provide eye care services to the best of their ability and competence. Our ambition is to empower every optometrist and eye care provider to practice their skills with confidence. We believe that an empowered individual is the one who has the knowledge, skill and desire to succeed at every stage in life and in unfavourable conditions.


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Masterclass – Directors Profile

Masterclass Optometry is our dream It’s a passion that drives us It’s a responsibility that we feel towards our profession, Each moment we think of how we can offer help and necessary tools to our eyecare community so that they can provide eye care services to the best of their ability and competence

Yeshwant Saoji

Director & Co-Founder

Yeshwant Saoji is popular in India as a practitioner with innovative ideas and an Read more

Dr. Nilesh

Director & Co-Founder

Nilesh Thite is currently working as the Executive Manager of Educational Programs at the Read more

Masterclass Optometry Training Programs

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Practice Management

Practice management skills provide a powerful roadmap for a successful, professional optometric practice

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Edumotivator Mentor

EDU-MOTIVATOR is an initiative by Masterclass Optometry to create a cutting edge instructional technique after considering all the aspects of individual learning

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Basic Contact Lenses

Contact lenses is an important part of any Optometric practice. Choosing the right lens is important for getting a satisfied patient.

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Edumotivator Scholar

This is a unique program devised for students who are future practitioners to elevate their spirits. Masterclass Optometry team believes that Motivation is a state

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Advance Contact Lenses

Take your practice to a higher pedestal. Understand the nitty-gritties of fitting specialty lenses with confidence.

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    Why choose masterclass optometry?

    years of expertise

    Over 50 years of combined experience in education, training and practice of optometry

    Educational Program

    Proven track record of successfully implementing educational programs and conferences

    Our Associations

    Associations with renowned international and national organisations viz. BCLA, BIPOK, COVD, OCI etc.

    Our Community

    Strong connect with the community, especially the practitioners and students

    ECP success story