Become a star student

After your students attending this unique training program, you will experience following changes:

  • Students are motivated to learn, actively involved in the process of learning
  • Students are communicating comfortably with you.
  • Curious, interested, confident students with stimulated minds
  • Increased student compliance for your instructions
  • Students with Independent thinking ability

This is a unique program devised for students to elevate their spirits as they are the future of the profession. We the team of Masterclass Optometry believe that Motivation is a state that energizes, directs and sustains behaviour. Motivation enhances cognitive processing and motivated students are more likely to pay attention and try to understand the concepts instead of simply going through the motions of learning in a superficial manner. We understand that learning is a process where both the learner and the educator should be actively involved. And this program will definitely help your students to be active learners.

  • To help your students to understand process of learning, their own styles of learning & its importance
  • To help the students to become active learners
  • To give the students some helpful tips to develop better rapport & communication with teachers and fellow students
  • To help them overcome unnecessary fears attached with examination especially viva voce.

It’s a great programme for any student who wishes to understand the secrets of learning better. These secrets will enable you to shine as a student.

Can be delivered online as well, however may not be as much fun as offline and few activities will not be possible in online sessions