Practice management skills provide a powerful roadmap for a successful, professional Optometric practice


  • Along with clinical skills, soft skill taring is equally important
  • Clients look at the practice as a professional Optometric practice
  • Patient experience is the best
  • A happy patient refers more patents by spreading the good word
  • You get patients for life

What does it take to have clients for a lifetime? How to earn more from your customers and ensure that they are happy with the purchase? So whether you are an Optician or an Optometrist, this program will train you to be a winner.

  • Dramatically improve the patient experience which is critical for patient retention
  • To increase the word of mouth advertisement of the practice
  • Increase footfall to add new patients to the practice
  • Upscale the existing patient orders, by satisfying their needs and thus keeping them more happy

A happy and satisfied patient is what every Optometrists aims to achieve. Our trainings help you to put the practice on a higher pedestal

Offline is the way to go. It encourages fellowship, exchange of ideas and we go bak taking key points that make a huge difference in the way we practice.