Basic Contact lenses – stop selling, start dispensing


  • Contact lenses fit very close to the cornea
  • Yet, its being sold as an over the counter product
  • Online sales
  • Discounting and apparent lack of financial returns
  • Lack of knowledge and skills to fit speciality contact lenses

How we can mitigate the challenges

Contact lenses form an important part of any Optometric/Optical practice. Choosing the right lens for the patient is very crucial for getting a satisfied patient. This program trains you to fit lenses like a professional.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to professionally fit contact lenses

  • Understand in details about relevant history taking
  • Do a pre fitting evaluation to select cases thus reducing future drop outs
  • Contact lens fitting evaluation
  • Actual CL trial
  • Dispensing visit instructions
  • post fitting follow ups

Contact lens education has to happen offline as wet labs are an integral part of any CL training programme. Gaining expertise in handling contact lenses, doing the push up test, evaluating the – of the toric lens and power adjustments in multifocal can only be learnt in an actual set up. role p[lays refine soft skills and counseling.

Role Plays, practical sessions, slit lamp examination and fit assessment, slides and cheat sheets