CL commando training

Become a contact lens expert at student level

  • The programme prepares 3rd and 4th year students in contact lenses
  • 2 days exhaustive course covers maximum that we feel would be useful
  • Will make any student confident about facing the final contact lens exam
  • Lays a strong foundation for all future contact lens programmes
  • It our commitment to contributing to the field of contact lenses, hence no professional fees are charged for the same

We prepare students too

Considering the requirement of optometry students, this is programme aims at improving the overall understanding of contact lenses and contact lens practice for 3rd and 4th year Optometry students. This is conducted at any school of Optometry across India on invitation and at no cost to the institution. (Travel and accommodation of 2 speakers to be organised by the Institute)

  • Institutes do a great job of giving many hours of theory lectures
  • We revisit those lectures covering important points
  • Makes a student exam ready and enables him/her to learn better in future
  • Contributes to creating passion and liking for contact lens practice

Our programmes helps 3rd and 4th year students to refine their knowledge in contact lenses. Its like a crash course before final exams

Offline as Cl wet labs may be involved. Practical demonstration of contact lens fitting is important to understand the concept of accurate examination