Be a Contactologist

Upgrade your basic contact lens knowledge and skills

  • Basic contact lens market is getting saturated
  • There are many patients requiring access to speciality contact lens clinics
  • Paucity of skilled optometrists for fitting of speciality contact lenses
  • Lack of knowledge, skill and confidence
  • Availability of good products may be a challenge for many

Graduate to being called a Speciality contact lens center

Take your practice to a higher pedestal. Understand the nitty-gritties of fitting specialty lenses with confidence. Be it toric contact lenses or multifocals, sclerals or ortho-k, our expert faculty will help you build the confidence to a level that you can start fitting these lenses in your clinics.

The programmes are designed with extensive brain storming and deliberations. The follow up sessions ensure that you always have a helping hand.

  • If fitting contact lens is your passion, we aim to make all types contact lenses available at your practice
  • Institutional education prepares a good base by imparting the best knowledge for fitting of speciality contact lenses
  • Expertise comes with actually fitting these lenses under supervision
  • Our programmes deliver the best content so that you can practice confidently

Our programmes help freshers as well as establish practitioners who wish to upgrade their practices to speciality contact lenses and myopia control practice

Just like the basic contact lens course this definitely has to be done face to face so all the finer aspects of speciality fitting can be taught in detail. Our faculty are experts in their respective fields and we invite the best of the best so that top quality education can be imparted