Masterclass Optometry

What is Masterclass Optometry? Very often we get this question.

Masterclass Optometry is a dream.. it’s a passion that drives both of us. It’s a restless discontent that doesn’t allow us to take it easy. It’s a responsibility that we feel towards our profession.. a profession that has given us so much to cherish and has given so many people the gift of “sight”.

Each moment we think of how we can offer help and necessary tools to our eye-care community so that they can provide eye care services to the best of their ability and competence. Our ambition is to empower every optometrist and eye care provider to practice their skills with confidence. We believe that an empowered individual is the one who has the knowledge, skill and desire to succeed at every stage in life and in unfavourable conditions.

It is our commitment that we will leave no stone unturned till we achieve our goals. We assure that the time you will spend with Masterclass Optometry will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you.

Why this initiative?

The optometric practice is all about first-hand clinical experience, to gain confidence in handling patients in the clinic. It is about winning the patient with effective communication skills. All this and much more need to be mastered to become a successful Optometrist.

Most of these aspects of clinical and optical practice are not covered in a typical
optometry curriculum. Hence, most of the learning happens after starting to work in an optometry practice (on-the-job learning). Masterclass Optometry bridges the gap between academic teaching and demands of practice by exposing optometrists to a first-hand learning experience. The best in the field render their advice and expertise to the practicing optometrists.

What is so unique about masterclass optometry?

A non-political organisation that works to be a bridge between institutional education and practice requirements. Our courses are designed to make a fresh optometrist practice ready and an existing optometrist to perform even better in clinics. Hardcore education leading to practical implementation of concepts.

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Most corporates in India & abroad have supported our programmes
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Trained over 1,000 optometry professionals & optometry educators
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We had delegates from 4 countries attend our programmes
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7 straight years as a most sought after optometry training initiative

Why Are We Different?

  • Over 50 years of combined experience in education, training and practice of optometry
  • Remarkable reputation and high work ethics
  • Proven track record of successfully implementing educational programs and conferences
  • Associations with renowned international and national organisations viz. BCLA, BIPOK, COVD, OCI etc.
  • Strong connect with the community, especially the practitioners and students

To impart the highest quality of education to help the eye care community develop into progressive, lifelong bearers of knowledge and skills that will enable them to take care of society’s visual needs in most professional manner

To empower and to elevate

Empower: Power is the ability or capacity to exercise control or authority. All human beings dread the thought of being powerless. What can give us power? Well, in our profession it is – knowledge, competence, confidence and independence. This is exactly what Masterclass Optometry plans to help with. We provide holistic education that gives everyone a chance to outperform and explore.

Elevate: Movement is one of the most important properties of life. We are alive as long as we are moving. Stagnation is slow death. But the movement has to be in right direction. For a professional, there’s only one way to move and that is upwards. We all wish to go to a higher position. At Masterclass optometry it is our mandate to facilitate elevation of every member.

Our trainings and conference – Knowledge Fest are eagerly awaited by most of the optometrists and final year students. When you join our database, you get to hear about them first. Just fill up the form on contact us page and submit it.